Acute Injuries

R.I.C.E. -Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation-should usually be the primary treatment for recent musculoskeletal injuries.  However, acupuncture can be used as a complementary therapy to further decrease pain and swelling of an acute injury like a muscle strain, sprain or fracture.  This ancient holistic medicine works to restore vital energy called Qi and blood flow in the body.  In acupuncture, acute injuries are considered “excess conditions” because the body is responding excessively with pain and/or inflammation.  The goal of treatment is to re-direct Qi away from the injured area to restore balance. This is achieved by inserting tiny needles into your skin at various points that correspond to the location and  the nature of your injury.  Having the needles inserted is more or less painless.  The acupuncturist will sometimes gently wiggle the needle around, which stings a little more but lasts for only an instant.  The procedure usually takes around 45 minutes and is usually quite relaxing. In addition the more quickly after the injury treatment is started the more successful treatment is likely to be.  Many people even fall asleep during treatment.