Acupuncture practitioners believe that the process has the ability to find the root cause of the respiratory problem and then an effective strategy can be developed.  This does not include side effects of traditional medicines. 

Respiratory disorders which can be treated using this approach are:

Asthma: this is an allergic response to certain allergens like pollens, dust smell, etc. Acupuncture causes gland secretion, neurotransmitter and sympathetic/parasympathetic balance, reduces allergic responses and thus repairs the entire respiratory system.  It reduces the frequency and intensity of asthmatic attacks over time

Pulmonary disease: treated by balancing the respiratory process, acupuncture increases circulation and the vitality of  the body.  It strengthens the bodies immune system to prevent further attacks of disease.

Bronchitis: is caused by injury to lung tissues.  Although acupuncture cannot repair these tissues it does allow free air flow to the remaining tissue in order to keep it healthy.

In addition acupuncture has solutions for sinusitis, the common cold, emphysema, cough and shortness of breath.