Illness Prevention

Traditional Western medicine is based upon the concept that the symptoms of illness are normal physiologic response of the body to the presence of disease.  The tools of the Western physician are drugs, surgery and radiation.

A balanced approach to illness prevention incorporates the best practices of both traditional and alternative medicine into a comprehensive methodology.  Medical acupuncture focuses on relationship centered care between doctor and patient.  It engages the mind, body and spirit.  The focus of treatment is moved to the prevention of disease.

Ancient Chinese authors did not write about electo-ionic migration patterns or induced electron flow between needles.  They described circulation, subdivided its qualities, and subjectively quantified the distribution of a vivifying life force referred to as Qi.  The concept of Qi describes the force circulating through the acupuncture channels to protect, nourish, and animate living beings.  Qi is present in all of life.  It generates warmth and stimulates the functions and interactions of the organs. It transforms ingested foods, air inspired into the lungs, and produces the the impulse for respiration, blood circulation and the movement of bodily fluids.  In addition, it controls the energy which contributes to our resilience and prevention of diseases of all kinds.